It’s time to wind up your quest for ultra- modern architectures & interiors by choosing us, Scale & Pencil. We are pioneers in leading-edge architectural & interior designing services. With more than 20 years of experience in diverse domains, we conceptualize your dreams and help you visualize your dream space in virtual form, to get your suggestions before initiating the actual process. We unleash our creativity to give the perfect shape to the dream of each one of you; guaranteeing uniqueness in all that we do, in a budget-friendly yet sustainable manner.


We are always willing to go the extra mile, to make your dream project a reality, through a perfect blend of creativity and technical expertise.


To rise above the expectations of our clients by rendering unbeatable services, and thereby establish ourselves as a leading name in the domain


We all are familiarised with the pretty worn out concept of a stone being the foundation for building spectacular structures. What if we break away from the conventional notion and tell you that everything starts with a pencil or rather the stroke of a pencil. We don’t think that this idea would be too difficult to be gulped in when we get into the specifics. All designs start with a stroke and then precise measurements with a scale would fine-tune the design, paving the way for the actual building process. Guess we don’t have to explain any further for naming ourselves as Scale and Pencil.

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